Cautions in Use of High Temperature Resistant Filters

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High temperature resistant air filter screens often appear in precision instruments such as shopping malls, production workshops, or outdoor electronic screens, and are very common equipment. However, incorrect use can easily lead to equipment damage. The filter factory reminds everyone to pay attention to these aspects during use.

Firstly, it is the colloidal solidification process of the high-temperature resistant filter screen. The surface may have already solidified, but the interior has not yet completed solidification. The thicker the height, the more difficult the solidification work becomes. If the adhesive is not fully cured before operating the high-temperature resistant filter screen, it is easy to cause the adhesive to crack, expand, or even detach from the outer frame. The ideal scenario is to leave the equipment at least 7 days before putting it into operation.

Secondly, it is important to know the correct control method, operation process, and precautions for the high-temperature air filter screen, in order to avoid damage to the equipment or endangering the personal safety of operators caused by incorrect control methods and operation processes. Attention should be paid to whether the materials used in this type of air filter mesh match the operating environment, as the environment can easily affect the efficiency of the high-temperature resistant filter mesh. The manufacturer of high-temperature resistant filter screens reminds operators to pay attention to the actual filtration efficiency of high-temperature resistant filters. Once it is found that the filtration efficiency on the production site does not match the theoretical filtration efficiency, the equipment needs to be inspected in a timely manner. While solving the filtration efficiency problem, it can improve production efficiency and prevent damage to the high-temperature resistant filter screens in a timely manner.

Of course, regular maintenance and cleaning are also essential. Only by doing these tasks well can the efficiency of the high-temperature resistant filter be better exerted.

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