Development and Application of High Efficiency Air Filter

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How to reduce the resistance of high efficiency filters is a problem that purchasers will consider when purchasing air filters. For air filtration equipment, the lower the resistance, the better. Efficiency and resistance of HEPA filters always seem to be opposite. Air filter manufacturers want to make breakthroughs in technology to produce high efficiency and low resistance air filters. How to reduce the resistance of high efficiency filter? Engineers find a balance between resistance and efficiency when designing. At this relatively better equilibrium point, consider the production process of air filters.

In the process of production, the first consideration is the design of the air duct, and the second consideration is the partition glue process. The partition glue process can reduce the air flow resistance relatively and increase the utilization rate of filter material. Some people ask why other air filters on the market are not used since the partition glue process is relatively lower resistance. The reason is to consider its air volume and firmness. In high air volume environment, the filter made by continuous gluing process will be stronger. The partition glue process is more suitable for air purification equipment with small air volume. Each purchaser can tell the air filter manufacturer with R&D strength when customizing the high efficiency filter. Henkaes can follow up the customer's purchasing demand in time. Henkaes can also provide the air filter design to find the balance point of wind resistance and efficiency, which saves a lot of pre-R&D costs for the purchaser.

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