What should we pay attention to when changing the filter of indoor air purifier in foggy days?

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In continuous haze days, the air condition is relatively poor. In many places, even the haze situation is very serious. Many families will buy and replace the filter mesh of indoor air purifier to improve the indoor environment in time. At this time, some people will worry about buying air filters. Choose expensive original products? Or should we choose some replacement products produced by some air filter manufacturers on the market? Next, by the air filter manufacturer to introduce: replacement of indoor air purifier filter screen need to pay attention to what?

Size Information of Indoor Air Purifier Filter

It depends on the size and fold number of the filter, which will affect the expansion area of the whole air filter. The larger the expansion area, the higher the dust capacity, the longer the service life. Secondly, look at the filter material. In general, H12 is the most common type of HEPA filter for household use. But it does not mean that the higher the grade, the better, we should pay attention to the balance of resistance and efficiency. For example: the original H12 grade filter, the same size you changed to H14, then the resistance will become greater, the noise will become larger.

Types of indoor air purification required

Secondly, we need to confirm the type of air purification, that is, we need to filter indoor air which harmful substances. For example, the newly renovated house may be full of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and voc. If you want to filter these substances, the selected indoor air purification filter needs the ability to filter these substances. Activated carbon filter is usually used, for example, the indoor air is particularly bad, there are many PM2.5, so you need to choose the indoor HEP that can filter PM2.5. A High Efficiency Air Filter.
From the above two aspects, we can better understand what kind of indoor air purification filters we need, and then make corresponding choices.

Someone asked: Is it the choice of expensive original products? Or should we choose some replacement products produced by some air filter manufacturers on the market? Different people have different opinions on this kind of problem, while wise people have different opinions. Personally, I think: it does not have to be expensive original, many excellent third-party manufacturers of air filters are also very good, the price will be cheaper to remove the brand halo, you use an expensive original, it is better to replace third-party air filters several times.

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